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The Universal Standard Instrument

• Measuring range of up to 150 μm (6000 μin)

• Units μm/μin selectable

• Standards: DIN/ISO/JIS and CNOMO (Motif)   

• Tracing lengths as per DIN EN ISO 4288/ASME
   B461: 1.75 mm, 5.6 mm, 17.5 mm (.07 in, .22 in,
   .7 in); as per EN ISO 12085: 1 mm, 2 mm, 4 mm,
   8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm

• Number of sampling lengths selectable
   from 1 to 5

• Automatic selection of filter and tracing length conforming to standards

• Phase-corrected profile filter as per
   DIN EN ISO 11562

• Cutoff 0.25 mm/0.80 mm/2.50 mm
   (.010 in/.032 in/.100 in)

• Short cutoff selectable

• Parameters as per DIN/ISO/SEP: Ra, Rz, Rmax,
   Rp, Rq, Rt, R3z, Rk, Rvk, Rpk, Mr1, Mr2, Mr, Sm,
   RPc; as per JIS: Ra, Rz, Ry, Sm, S, tp;
   Motif parameters: R, Rx, Ar, W, CR, CF, CL
   (three-zone measurement)

• Tolerance monitoring in display and measuring

• Automatic or adjustable scaling

• Printing of R-profile (ISO/JIS), P-profile
   (MOTIF), material ratio curve, measuring

• Output of date and/or time of the measurements

• Integrated memory for the results of up to 200

• Dynamic pick-up calibration

• Blocking of instrument settings for preventing
   unintentional modifications plus possibility of   
   password protection
The operation of this instrument is based on the well-proved catalog of functions which enables instrument settings such as measuring conditions, language, and record contents to be selected very easily. The Perthometer M2 thus offers a maximum of comfort and flexibility.

Compared with the Perthometer M1, this instrument not only meets the requirements for determination and documentation of selected parameters, but also makes most of the parameters and characteristic curves stipulated in DIN/ISO/JIS available for the evaluation of the profile assessed.

Moreover, the Perthometer M2 offers an integrated memory for the results of up to 200 measurements and enables, among other things, tolerance monitoring, vertical scale selection, and the setting of asymmetrical intersection lines for peak count calculation.

The Perthometers of the M series and the MarSurf PS 2 are the ideal roughness measuring instruments for mobile use on the shop floor. They meet today's international requirements for swift, precise, on-site roughness measurements. The M series instruments are easy to operate. The incorporated profile recognition function enables them to be automatically set, conforming to standards, such that even unexperienced users can carry out correct, reproducible roughness measurements. Due to the design of pick-up, drive unit, and hand-held support, measurements can be performed in different positions (e.g. horizontally, vertically, or upside down) with zero setting-up time. For transverse tracing, required e.g. on crankshafts or camshafts, the PFM 2 drive unit is available.

The Perthometers and pickups are balanced ex works. For high-precision measurements and subsequent tracing accuracy checks, dynamic calibration is possible. The instruments correspond to the stipulations of EN ISO 3274.

When connecting the Perthometer to a PC featuring the Perthometer Concept Roughness Evaluation program package, measuring tasks and specific records can be created and saved, thus, enabling you to manage and document your measuring results according to your requirements. The built-in thermal printer offers the possibility of outputting the results directly on the shop floor.

Handy and Mobile
The M series instruments are characterized by their ergonomic design, the well arranged keypad, and the large, clear LCD which is specifically adapted to roughness measurements. Due to the rugged housing with membrane keypad, the Perthometers are suited for operation under severe conditions.

Their handy form and low weight enable mobile use on the shoulder strap. The rechargeable battery offers enough capacity for several days. The power pack is supplied with three exchangeable
mains plugs, allowing the instruments to be connected directly to mains all over the world. International use is furthermore simplified by the possibility of displaying the operator messages in fourteen different languages

All Perthometers of the M Series Stand out for the Following Features:

• Membrane Keypad with Push-Button Keys

• Clear, Specific LCD

• 14 Languages Selectable (Including 3 Asian Languages)

• Integrated High-Resolution Thermal Printer

• Measuring Force of Approx. 0.7 mN (According to DIN EN ISO)

• Dynamic Pick-Up Calibration

• Serial RS 232 C Interface for Direct Connection to a PC

• Built-In Rechargeable Battery with Power Management

• Plug-In Power Pack with Three Exchangeable, Patented Mains Plugs,
   for Input Voltages From 90 V to 264 V