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Perthometer and Probe Repair
& Rebuild Service Center

Bryco Industrial Service is a perthometer and probe repair and rebuild specialist. We have been saving money for clients by servicing instead of replacing the perthometers for over two decades. We repair all major profilometer brands including Mitutoyo, Starrett, Mahr Federal, Fowler, SPI, and their probes.

Attention Customers: Bryco Industrial does not charge for evaluations. Send your damaged or uncalibrated Perthometer for a no-hassle quote and until approved, no repairs will begin.

Why Bryco?
Bryco Industrial Services provides high quality repair services for precision instruments, provides fast turnaround and keeps customer costs as low as possible. A large inventory of spare parts are on-hand to minimize downtime and repair turnaround is usually ten (10) business days.

Because our reputation is earns us your future business you can be certain parts are replaced only as necessary. In addition is Bryco's policy for repairs not to exceed 50% the new cost without customer authorization.


We work on perthometers made by Mahr Federal.
Perthometer Repair Perthometer Probe Repair

Perthometers are used to determine the surface roughness of many surfaces. Since these devices are small and completely portable, they can be used with ease in a variety of environments including shop floors, in the laboratory or on the job. Perthometers can be used upside down, horizontal or vertical and in hard-to reach surfaces because of their small size.

Trust Bryco Industrial Service to repair and/or rebuild even the most delicate instruments. Give us a call today at 724-809-7909 for more information.